Nearest school

To find your nearest school, enter your postcode and choose the address from the drop-down list.

If your address is not shown, please contact Customer Service by email at or telephone 0345 606 6067

Currently rights of way are not used to determine nearest schools, however the Council is proposing to include rights of way in the measurement. This checker shows the nearest schools both with and without rights of way being used. The nearest schools have been calculated by measuring walking distances using the Integrated Transport Network (roads and urban paths) as produced by Ordnance Survey, and the second set of results also uses all public rights of way. The Integrated Transport Network is regularly updated as new roads and paths are built. We will be updating this checker annually at the beginning of September using the latest data. The schools currently shown not including rights of way in the measurement will be used to identify the nearest schools for the September 2018 intake.

The Council is consulting from December 2017 to February 2018 on a range of proposals including using rights of way in the measurement to determine nearest schools. This will be subject to a decision to be made by Cabinet on future policies and arrangements in June 2018.